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Improve Your Website Credibility

Web credibility has become a very important, whatever your stuff content it's should be good-looking, usable information to the visitors, So these are vital in order to make users return to your page and they will register, click on your ads, download software, resort to your services and so on. Success in addition deal with Website credibility will bring your site more and more traffic.

Many step you should do to make your site more believable, this action may will not necessarily improve your earning from adsense (advertisement) but will aid you in creating a respectful image in eyes of the website visitors.

1. Site is useful for the visitors
Provide visitors with information they need, not only to promote your advertisement or services you offer, but also give helpful hints on various matters such as give section on your site for question and comment to the visitors.

2. Give quick, flexible answers to their question
Some question on your comment section needed to be replay, give respect and care. Make sure you provide them with individual, flexible treatments.

3. Publish information that useful
Make interesting content, publishing a new information always attracts new visitors. Update your site on a regular basis.

4. Put your contact details
This is also important to make your site credibility, web users will spot this information easier.

5. Promote your ads products cautiously
Make your site between ads and content are different to the visitor, So web user able to differentiate them.

6. Improve your search engine status

7. Links in your site must be credible
Credibility goes like in circle, put links to trustful sites or you can link your other site.

8. Place a search engine on your site
This will certainly improve the site's accessibility, it will make easy web user to find article what they need.

9. Design your site in a professional as second way
A good website layout is always indicative of a good structural organization.

10. Submit your site to trustful websites
Campaign your site, keep promotion to many site directory that may linked or recommended your site in trustful source.


Prepare for Video Ads on Your Site

Google adsense program for video ads on AdSense will launch this week, but this is a limited test that give online video publishers control of the ad displays. (webpronews.com)

About Adsense video we hear since Google's Official began the co-operation with US cable network EchoStar, Google's will delivery of relevant ads TV or video to the targeted website. (Video Ads)

Video ads will compete in the same auction as text and image ads for placement Adsense code on your site, by increasing competition in the ads auction means your revenue have more potential to be increase.

Video ads type only appear on the website that using one of the supported formats such as 300x250 Medium Rectangle, 336x280 Large Rectangle, and 250x250 Square. So, with this formats publisher may they will see click-to-play video ads on their sites.

Introducing video ads

Start and prepare your Ads code by using one of three formats that approve for Video Ads and hopely the advertisers will watch your site have good quality of content, your Ads placement on interesting place, and enough size for their advertisement.

Target your Video ads with specific top and high paying keyword on your site, earn more revenue from google adsense. Learn how to make relevant Adsense on your post content by reading my others stuff. Good Luck!