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Pay Per Click Program

Pay per click as advertising program from Google is very interest affiliate's business, Website owner or publisher with this system they can Earn more revenue while providing visitors with a more rewarding online experience.

Google company early year 2007 Officially began the co-operation with US cable network EchoStar to sell commercials programming networks to provide advertisers with detailed information news for 24 hours by sell television advertising by pay per click target Ads.

Google's delivery of relevant ads TV to the targeted website by demographic, daypart and channel. Publisher will pay based only on the number of impressions, or potential views (per click), of the ads.

several month ago, Google was sent to advertisers member to create Ads code 300x250 That more possible target for Ads TV or Ads video. So, to earn more pay revenue you need to prepare the content of your page and get potential views Ads TV in per click's payment.

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