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High and Top Paying Keyword

You now that the Adsense is an advertising program run by Google and these Ads are generate revenue on a per-click basis. Ads will appear on your website base on content of your site (target keyword), the user's geographical location, and other factors.

What is High Paying Keyword? High paying keyword is value or price of a keyword that used to bring some relevant Ads to appear on your website/blog, but how much you will give revenue per Bid or CPC (cost-per-click) from your Ads is depend on many of category. Website are Rank well on the search engine result, High traffic (visitor), user's location, Place of Ads it self on your template and many others factor that can bring High CPC Ads on you site.

These are some of high paying keyword that can give you more revenue from your Ads : Austin Dwi, School Loan consolidation, Car Insurance Quotes, Structured Settlements, Austin Dwi Attorney, Consolidation Student, Mesothelioma Diagnosis, Abdominal Mesothelioma, College Online, Domain Yahoo.

What is Top Paying Keyword? Top Paying Keyword is keywords that most common used by internet user to find their needs (articles, image, video ect) in which this keywords are relevant to some of Adsense Ads.

To get the top keywords you can use keyword tools, here are list of some top paying keyword that can help you to earn more revenue by create them as your target Ads : Equity Loan, Rapid Prototyping, First Aid Kids, Epson Ink, Fireproof File Cabinets, Notebook Computer, Cheap Laptop, Brest Cancer, Asbestos Cancer, Money Market, Business Opportunity, Business Intelligent, Student Loan, Online Degree, Conferencing Call.

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