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Adsense Keyword

Adsense Keyword. Keyword in an Internet search is one of the words which use to find matching web pages. Website publishers who joint with an advertise such as Google Adsense they created an keyword to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages, this called Adsense keyword.

How to put an adsense keyword on your post's content?

  • Use keyword software or you can see that in some of website may they share to the visitor about list of adsense keyword, kind of adsense keyword may be related to High Paying Keyword or Top Paying Keyword.

  • Put the adsense keyword on the title of post content.

  • Put the adsense keyword at least in the first and last paragraph, it's more better if an adsense keyword mention in all paragraph.

  • Bold the adsense keyword tags at least one keyword that is enough, it's ca be on first or last paragraph.

  • Make some related link to the adsense keyword on the post's content.

  • I hope this can be helpful for you to get relevant Google ads on your site, Good Luck!


    Top Paying Keyword on March 2007

    Adsense Keyword $5 to $10 per click:

    1. Trust Accounting Software $5.00
    2. Unique Gift Baskets $5.00
    3. Sheet Metal Fabrication $5.00
    4. Web Services $5.22
    5. Corporate Team Building $5.25
    6. Circuit Board $6.00
    7. Office Phone systems $6.00
    8. Waterproofing $6.36
    9. Banner Stands $6.50
    10.Web Content Management $7.26
    11.Telecommunication Audit $7.50
    12.Student Loans $7.50
    13.Asset Management $7.91
    14.Cash For Structured Settlement $7.91
    15.HR Software $8.00
    16.Vehicle Donation $9.00
    17.Money Market $9.00
    18.Conference Calling $10.00
    19.Life Insurance Settlement $10.00
    20.Health Insurance Leads

    You want more Higher then that? just check them bellow :